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Family First

February 2015

Dear parents,

More and better than you ever dreamed of!

“A thief is only there to steal and kill and destroy. I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of. Jn 10:10 (The Message)

God’s will has always been, it is and will continue to be life abundantly. He desires for us to have life more abundantly in our marriages. The gold standard for our marriages is that we enjoy it to the full, till our enjoyment overflows. More and better life then we ever dreamed of. So if your marriage is all that you ever dreamed of it to be, God is saying it can be more and better than that and if it’s not yet what you dreamed of, then you need to catch up. A rich and satisfying marriage is our possibility.

More than any other year, this abundant enjoyment of one another as married couples is possible. It doesn’t matter where you’re at – below your aspirations, bottom, middle or right at the top. More and better is possible.

‘How’? I hear you say.

Set your faith for it; believe God for the wisdom and love you need. Then go for it with all your heart, right now. Yes, not tomorrow, but now. Be purposefully intense in your acts of love. Love like you’ve never been hurt, then love some more and watch as the anointing of God who is Love, puts an end to the destruction of the thief in your marriage and brings you to a place you have never even dreamed of!

The possibilities for your marriage are unlimited!!

You can pray

Heavenly father
Thank you for a marriage that is more and better than I have ever dreamed of. I have a rich and satisfying relationship with my spouse. I rejoice in my spouse and our relationship is sweet. The grace of God abounds towards me so that I always have everything I need to be the best wife/husband to my spouse. Jesus is my wisdom so I am peaceable, gentle and considerate. I am willing to yield to my spouse and we treat each other with dignity and honour. Amen

We love you and we’re on your side!

Mark and Hannah

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