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The Pastors

thepastorsPastors Mark and Hannah Pease have served within El-Shaddai ministries for the last 12 years, in Bradford, London and Cardiff.

“It is the uncompromising Word that Dr Mumba preaches which has changed our lives forever,” says Mark. “We have been challenged and sharpened by his faith towards God and the faithfulness with which he has carried out God’s call upon his life inspires us to make this vision happen.”

Mark has a background in business and education and within El-Shaddai Ministries he has effectively established the worship teams in Bradford, London and Cardiff. Hannah has been working as Director of Business Affairs for the church since January 2003 and now combines this with looking after their three children. She has co-ordinated a number of serving areas over the past twelve years including worship team, ministry of helps and crèche.

Says Hannah, “The Word we’re hearing has turned our lives upside down and we believe that as we preach this same Word, those who hear it will be blessed beyond measure and changed forever. Our heart is for others to experience the total restoration of God as we have.”

When they’re not taking care of kingdom business, Mark loves live music and Leeds United whilst Hannah would happily drink tea with friends all day!