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a)  To have fun while learning about the love of God and about His son Jesus. To enjoy the time so much that they look forward to coming and want to bring their friends along too. 

b)  For the children to be brought into an understanding of God’s love for them

c)  For the children to learn to worship Him – to enjoy God’s presence by singing to Him.

d)  To introduce the children to the Holy Spirit and His power. 
e)  For the children to gain a familiarity with the Bible. To be brought into an understanding of the Old and New Testament – to be introduced to the significant stories, people, events and parables.

f)   To equip the children with the knowledge they need to live life to the full, by doing all things by the Word. To give them understanding of living life God’s way and by learning verses of scripture that will enable them to do this all their lives.

g)  To involve every member of the Church in our Children’s Ministry by presenting work done by the children to the Church as a whole. By teaching the congregation songs that we sing and by the children telling and acting the stories that we have been learning about.

Sunday Morning

1-2 yr olds – creche
3 yr olds
4–7 yr olds
8–10 yr olds
11–13 yr olds

Sunday Evening

Kids Club