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Celebrate Marriage


God wants us to enjoy our relationships no matter what season of life we are in and every marriage, no matter how good, can be improved upon. Whether you are engaged, newly married or an established couple who just want to make a good thing better by investing in your marriage, this course is for you.

Once a month for six months, couples are invited to join together and dig into the Word for practical wisdom on how to make their marriage work. The sessions are inspirational, straight-talking and interactive with the opportunity to learn from others who have been through similar situations themselves.

In-depth study notes will help you to get the most out of each session, covering topics such as:

    • Marriage – God’s Idea
    • Keys to a Successful Marriage
    • Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution
    • Sex and the Marriage Covenant
    • Successful Money Management
    • How to Meet Your Spouse’s Needs

Don’t delay, if you would like to sign up for the next Celebrate course, Click Here to register your interest today. Your marriage will never be the same again!

This is what previous course participants have said about Celebrate:

Celebrate was priceless!  Simple, easy to understand and intensely practical.  We were so blessed to have such wisdom up front before we got married.  It enabled us to lay the right foundations and start our marriage off on the right foot – the way God intended! Engaged couple

Celebrate was really timely for us and all the sessions were full of impartation. Amongst other things that we learnt, we now fully understand that God instituted marriage for us to complement and not to compete with each other as husband and wife. We also learnt that we both have different love languages and we’ve learnt and are still learning how to communicate these successfully without restrictions of any kind. Newlyweds

The content of the course was balanced and covered important topics like communication, sex and finances. If you desire a successful marriage, Celebrate is not to be missed as it equips you with immediately applicable, relevant instructions and content that make for a happy and satisfying marriage. Newlyweds

Thank you. I’ve done the course twice and got different things out of it each time.

I liked the quiet, peaceful, friendly setting. The speakers were real.

The sessions I have attended have been very good and inspiring. It has gone a long way to help my relationship.